GRAVITY Paragliders presents a ground-breaking series of reserve parachutes based on cutting-edge technology.  The Xfusion canopy was designed and built utilizing premium materials and the latest technical advancements in parachute technology.

With the Xfusion reserve providing all constructional advantages of the square reserve parachute with a sensational weight of only 0.98 / 1.2 kg. The Xfusion not only impresses with its little pack-weight but also with precise and quick responsiveness when it comes to opening and sinking rates. Using delicate scaling and research, the cross canopy shape as well as the air outlets making its flight behavior practically free of pendulum movements.

This series was produced to ensure safety, using highest quality standards in materials and production – designed to last and to keep you safe from beginner, ambitious, long-distance to pleasure and fun-loving pilots.

X100 X115 X130 X150 X220
Weight 0.98 kg 1,20 kg 1,44 kg 1,68 kg 2,27 kg
Surface 28,5 sqm 36,2 sqm 40,2 sqm 45,2 sqm 64,7 sqm
Maximum Payload (sink test) 100 kg 115 kg 130 kg 150 kg 220 kg
Maximum Payload (load test) 100 kg 115 kg 140 kg 160 kg 220 kg
Sink Rate On Max Load 5,6 m/ s 5,35 m/ s 5,1 m/ s 5,1 m/ s 5,3 m/ s
Packing Volume 2380 cm3 3850 cm3 4180 cm3 4350 cm3 8700 cm3
Panels 12 20 28 28 28
Number of lines 24 24 28 28 28
Total length 5,80 m 6,20 m 6,50 m 6,90 m 7,10 m
Certification No. LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / EÜ_222.2018
Reserve Sizing

X100-Reserve, X115-Reserve, X130-Reserve, X150-Reserve, X220-Reserve


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